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 Journalist Who 'Cracked' Mezhygorye Attacked and Splashed with Paint. PHOTO

An unknown perpetrator splashed green paint in the face of journalist and praliamentary candidate Tetiana Chornovil.

According to Chornovil, it happened when she was coming out ofan elevator in Lviv. "I entered the building where I live, got intoan elevator. It came to 6th floor, the doors started opening and Igot splashed with a bucket of green paint. I tried to detain theassailant but I did not manage. I was wearing shoes on heels and bythe time I took them off he ran away," said Chornovil, "I am allgreen! From top to toe."

The journalist said that after the incident she called thepolice and they are working right now. The neigbors claim that theguy had been waiting for her for the past three days. "Theneighbors say they saw this guy with a bucket near the elevator,"said Chornovil. She also said that somebody placed an ad offeringsex services with her phone number and in the morning somebodyslashed the tires of her car. Chornovil suspects that theprovocation could have been done by her local opponents as well asthe central level politicians.

"It can be local, my competitor has started to get nervousalready or may be it is a central level. Some kind of revenge forMezhygorye," she says. The journalist is known for her recentbreakthrouhg into the President's residence.

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