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 Mob Tried to 'Hang a Judge' in Brovary - 5 Policemen Beat Up and 6 Activists Arrested. PHOTOS

Kiev oblast police states that during a social action 5 law enforcement officers were injured and 6 people were detained.

According to Kiev oblast MVD press service, "social activistshave made a theatrical action in Brovary, Kiev oblast near theBrovary Interdistrict court where they enacted the hanging of thejudge who found Vitaliy Zaporozhets guilty of murdering majorMykola Simonenko of the local police department".

"The policemen did not interfere with the protest while theactivists were shouting slogans. When the theatrical hanging of thejudge's effigy started, the policemen asked the protesters to stopthe actions that advocate cruelty and violence. The activistscontinuing their performance started to push away the policeofficers and resisted them", states the police.

"As a result, five policemen received injuries in the form ofbruises and grazes. Six people were detained and taken to Brovarycity police station. Two of them will be charged with disorderlyconduct and four with defiance of police officers", reads thestatement.

"All detainees were offered to take a medical examination whichthey refused. After identifying of the detainees and filling outthe corresponding paper work, they will be examined by doctors andreleased", concludes the press service.

In its turn, the 'Svoboda' Party released a statement saying thatBrovary police has brutally beat up the activists who supportedconvicted Zaporozhets. "The police beat up the action participantswithout any justification or announcement regarding the illegalityof the event or the actions of the activists", says thestatement.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p216528
Source: Photo by Igor Myroshnychenko