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 Students Protest at the Cabinet of Ministers Demanding their Scholarship Money. PHOTOS

Representatives of student organizations came to the Cabinet of Ministers demanding the return of their scholarship funds.

Severalrepresentatives of student organizations and political parties areholding flags of Batkivschyna, UDAR and Ruh (People's Movement OfUkraine) parties near the Cabinet of Ministers building, reportsGazeta.ua.

They are holding banners "Students Against Azarov" and famousBabuhka saying "If my grandson does not receive his scholarship, Iwill sick the cat on Azarov".

The leaders of the protest say that "before the elections thescholarships were cut down in all universities. The Party ofRegions with Azarov in the lead decided to do the same during thesummer when the students cannot go to protests since they aremostly back home".

They say that Azarov's government has taken 400 UAH (50 USD)from every student with the total amount being around 100 millionhryvnias (over 12 million dollars).
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