Leading Ukrainian investor Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd attacked by blackmailers, - company's statement

Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd has become the object of a disinformation campaign launched by blackmailers.

Censor.NET reports citing a statement by the company's press service.

Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd is part of the international corporation Wilmar International Ltd, Singapore, with a total capitalization of more than $22 billion. Since 2004, Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd has successfully invested more than $250 million in its own production in Ukraine, giving jobs to over 600 employees. The average monthly salary is one of the largest in the Odesa region, exceeding 18,000 hryvnia ($680). The taxes paid in 2016 amounted up to 639 million hryvnia ($23.90 mln). Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd is one of the leading Ukrainian investors and exporters of vegetable oils, which supplies over 70 percent of its products to the EU, India, China, Turkey, Egypt, CIS countries.

Currently, measures are being taken to implement another investment project worth $150 million.

Unfortunately, starting from November 2016 Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd has been the object of a massive disinformation attack by the charitable organization "International Anticorruption Court Foundation".

In order to discredit Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd in Ukraine and internationally, starting from February 2017 the said organization has sent multiple letters with unfounded defamatory allegations to the president of Ukraine, the prime minister of Ukraine and other state agencies, as well as to the customs and excise service of the Republic of Indonesia and representatives of the international business environment (Republic of Malaysia, Singapore).

The organization is spreading its own unfounded assumptions about the allegedly illegal activity of Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd.

Delta Wilmar CIS is regularly audited by internationally recognized auditors, attracts investment in the international financial market, meets all commonly accepted standards, and attends all major world stock exchanges and trading venues. The attackers are trying to disrupt company's further investment plans and discredit it in the eyes of international partners.

On the contrary, almost no information can be found about the charitable organization "International Anticorruption Court Foundation". It shows weak activity, is not involved in the public and political sector, and hardly anything can be found about this foundation on the Internet. Its leaders are virtually dummies who are not involved in any charitable and anticorruption activity, have nothing to do with courts. The foundation is represented by Ruslana and Iryna Bronins and Anatolii Misiats. They sign defaming letters to various international organizations. Obviously, they are executing an order to undermine our company's business reputation. The organization's constituent documents say it is registered at 31 Umanska St., building 2, 03087, Kyiv. However, nothing of the kind can be found at the given address, which has been confirmed by representatives of the Solomianskyi district housing maintenance office. Open sources also give no information about any charitable job done by the foundation, including that stipulated by its charter (free transfer of funds and other property to beneficiaries, free provision of services to beneficiaries, fundraising, etc.)

Thus, not having found any real address and signs of charter activity by the said organization, we regard it as a group of malefactors who have launched a disinformation campaign against our company aimed at blackmailing.

Therefore, we inform everyone who receives information from the charitable organization "International Anticorruption Court Foundation" that in view of the above and in order to protect our violated personal non-proprietary rights Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd addressed in March 2017 the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine with a complaint seeking to cancel the state registration of the charitable organization "International Anticorruption Court Foundation" or bring its name in line with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

In August 2017, Delta Wilmar CIS Ltd officially informed the Prosecutor's Office of the city of Kyiv and the Security Service of Ukraine about a criminal offense committed by representatives of the foundation and filed a lawsuit with the Commercial Court of Kyiv against the foundation aimed at protecting the company's business reputation and refuting all the inaccurate information in its regard, pending consideration in a court of first instance.

We kindly ask everyone to take account of this information to properly assess the groundless and false allegations spread by the charitable organization "International Anticorruption Court Foundation".
Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n463200