Ukrainian political prisoner Klykh is in hospital in Magnitogorsk, his diagnosis unknown, - attorney Novikov


Attorney Ilya Novikov has published the most recent information about Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia: Stanislav Klykh, Valentyn Vyhovskyi, Oleksii Chyrnii, Mykola Karpiuk, and Andrii Zakhtei.

Novikov posted on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"According to the most recent information, Stanislav Klykh is in a hospital in Magnitogorsk, Russia, not in Chelyabinsk, as reported last week. The reason of his transfer and his diagnosis are not revealed to his family.

"Oleksii Chyrnii has been in a prison colony for a month now. He was transferred there from a general regime penal colony in July for some made up violations. He was supposed to be transferred to a permanent unit, no more information on him available so far.

"Mykola Karpiuk has been in prison since the very beginning. Andrii Zakhtei was served additional indictments," Novikov wrote.

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Ukrainian Valentyn Vyhovskyi is in a colony in Kirov Oblast, Novikov wrote.

"He is the first in the list of Ukrainian political prisoners on whom all procedures were fulfilled by Ukraine to be transferred within his sentence. The trial was held in Kyiv in February, all documents were sent to Moscow. The Russian Justice Ministry simply put them in a cold storage, without any hearing on them.

"I was told off the record that there is an order not to release Ukrainians as long as Ukraine does no release Russians (this is not true, it does release). So the option of "quiet release" without Putin's free pardon, and exchange that we hoped for, is not in place as of today," Novikov wrote.
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