Volker on lethal defensive aid for Ukraine: "It has to be a decision from the president"


The Trump administration is considering whether to provide the defensive weapons that Ukraine has long requested to help deter and protect itself against further Russian aggression.

This was announced by U.S. special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker, Censor.NET reports citing Financial Times.

"[What] the Trump administration now is looking at [is] do we continue this rejection from the Obama administration, or do we change? There isn't any new decision yet, but at very senior levels people are taking that very seriously. Of course, it has to be a decision from the president," he said.

"[There] is perhaps a growing sense that the conflict itself is actually getting worse and that it is going to continue to get worse unless we do something," Volker added.

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As for the prospect of the Russian-American relations, Volker stressed that "the relationship between Russia and the US is important, and it's going to be crippled by this problem in Ukraine."Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n453118