Wife of Crimea-detained Ukrainian citizen Lymeshko: His case is trumped up, FSB forced him to confess


Iryna Mykhailova-Lymeshko, the wife of Crimea-detained Ukrainian citizen Hennadii Lymeshko, who is charged by the occupants with a sabotage act, has commented on the incident and said her husband is not guilty.

Mykhailova-Lymeshko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I officially state that everything regarding my husband Hennadii Lymeshko is a lie. The case against him has been trumped up. He is not guilty!

"The FSB [Russian security service - ed.] has forced him into confessing to what he didn't do. Russia says they have detained a saboteur. This is not true. At the moment, we are trying to reach the authorities, the civil organizations, everyone who can help.

"Friends, please pray for my Henka so that he returns home safe and sound," she said.

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"I have no idea how my husband got into Crimea. The charges against him have been trumped up. On the video, you can see he is all bruised and is saying a text by heart," she added in a commentary to her post.

Earlier, Russian FSB announced it detained "an SBU agent" in occupied Crimea. The SBU responded this was a provocation and a fake. Later, FSB published a video showing the detention of a "Ukrainian saboteur" with a saw, a grenade, and a passport of Ukraine, who allegedly tried to saw a power line pole.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n451873