"This initiative is not on time," Justice Minister Petrenko on mandatory registration of cell phone numbers

экономика телефон

Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko negatively assessed the initiative by the State Special Communications Agency to tie cell phone numbers with ID data of their holders.

Petrenko said on air of Espreso.TV, Censor.NET reports.

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"Any initiative that is being offered and affects wider public, needs to be explained - why it is needed, what the goals of the state or a state agency are, and how it will affect the public and the national security," Petrenko said.

The minister believes this initiative will not be supported by the parliament.

"We need to have a broad public dialogue and explain why this is needed," he stated.

If those who proposed this initiative don't find arguments to prove it, there's no need to "stir up the public."

"The points for public upset are enough... This initiative is not on time, because we need to explain it to the public," the minister added.

As reported, the State Special Communications Agency offered to oblige telecom companies to gather personal data of all cell phone numbers holders with the purpose to improve security measures in the country.

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