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 US will not turn blind eye to "bad acts" of Russia in Ukraine, - Department of State


The U.S. wants to have better relations with Russia, but will not turn a blind eye to Putin's bad acts, including in Ukraine.

U.S. Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert told a briefing on Thursday, Censor.NET reports.

"Just because we want to find areas of cooperation and to improve the relationship in - with Russia where we can because they are also a nuclear superpower does not mean that we will turn a blind eye to some of the bad acts that they are involved with, such as Ukraine," Nauert said.

"You know how important that is to us to try to maintain or try to get back Ukraine's integrity and territorial sovereignty. That is something that we are passionate about," Nauert said.
"Ukraine, a very serious issue. We will continue to hold Russia accountable to that. We just appointed Kurt Volker to go out and deal with part of that issue."

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Late July, the U.S. Senate
passed the new sanctions bill against Russia overwhelmingly and sent it to Trump for signature. Russia in response restricted U.S. diplomatic missions' access to several facilities and demanded to shorten the staff of the mission by 755 people by Sept. 1.

Trump signed the new bill on Russia sanctions on Aug. 2, but in a signing statement, he said he sees serious flaws in this document, although signs it for the sake of the national unity.

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