Trial over Yanukovych. Live updates (ended)

On Aug. 3, at 10 a.m., Obolonskyi district court of Kyiv held its fifth hearing in the case of high treason by former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who is charged with high treason, assistance in waging aggressive war, assistance in violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity and immunity that lead to human casualties or other grave consequences.

Censor.NET reported live from the process. Please see the text reports below.

11:35The attorney objects against the motion and says he has a hearing scheduled for Aug. 15, the date requested by the prosecution.

The judge says it's OK and grants the motoin. The hearing with a questioning of Serhieiev is scheduled for Aug. 15, at 2 p.m. The next hearing is scheduled for Aug. 10 at 10 a.m.

11:26Judge Deviatko says the court will not violate the attorney's right and allow him some time, but not a month.

Prosecutor Kravchenko asks the court to change the order of consideration and start from questioning of witness Serhieiev, who was present at U.N. session where Churkin was presenting the letter by Yanukovych. Serhieiev lives in the U.S. and will only spend several days in Kyiv in August.

11:24Prosecutor Kravchenko says the attorney had enough time, and says they will be considering materials from tomes 29-51. He asks to deny this motion.

11:20 The attorney says he needs another month to study the first 28 tomes of the case.

11:09Court refuses the motion filed by the attorney. Judge Deviatko says all conditions for serving indictment to Yanukovych were met, but the former president keeps ignoring the trial.

11:02Prosecutor Krym: "We are sorry that the attorney is filing the motion that has already been considered." Yanukovych revoked his lawyers and is aware of this trial, Krym says.

Meshechek adds he had no chance to talk to Viktor Yanukovych. Krym reminds that the former president is hiding in the state that is waging aggressive war against Ukraine, the war that Yanukovych made happen.

Meshechek says there are national norms and international acts ratified by the the parliament, and they need to be observed.

10:56Meshechek quotes practices of the ECHR on trial in absentia and says the rights of his client were rudely violated. He insists Yanukovych should be summoned to court or organize a conference call for him to be able to participate in the trial. In connection with that, Meshechek asks to cancel all August hearing, as the procedure of intercourt assistance requires time.

10:42Meshechek says Yanukovych was summoned to the court via Uriadovyi Kurier newspaper, says it's a violation of national and international law. As long as Yanukovych resides in Russia, they need to ask for intercourt assistance there. He says the ruling on trial in absentia is a violation as well.

Meshechek says the court has violated Yanukovych's right for fair trial.

10:40 Judge Deviatko says they planned to start consideration from tome #29. The lawyer insists he wants to familiarize with the entire case and files a motion for intercourt assistance.

10:38 The attorney says he familiarized with the materials partially. He says he started from tome #29, where evidence from the defense and the prosecution is included.

10:36 Judges returned to the court room.

Judge Deviatko: "My apologies, the equipment seems to not tolerate the heat."

10:26 15 minutes later, the judges are still not here.

10:10 Judge Deviatko said the sound recording system was broken, the hearing will begin in 10 minutes, and left the room.

10:05 Judges Kostiantyn Vasalatii, Vladyslav Deviatko, and Maksym Tytov enter the room.

Trial over Yanukovych 01

10:02 State-appointed attorney Vitalii Meshechek arrives in the court room.

Trial over Yanukovych 02

09:49 A representative of the attorney firm that defends Yanukovych is present in the court room. The man (on the left in white shirt with a camera) is recording the entire process. Attorneys of the firm were officially revoked by Yanukovych.

Trial over Yanukovych 03

09:45 Prosecutors Maksym Krym and Ruslan Kravchenko are present in the court.

Trial over Yanukovych 04

Earlier, Yanukovych revoked his attorneys and decided not to participate in the hearing. Attorney Vitalii Meshechek was appointed by the state to defend him. On July 12, the court granted the motion by Meshechek to allow him some time to familiarize with the materials in the case and scheduled the next hearing for Aug. 3.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n450229