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 Trump signs bill on Russia sanctions, - Bloomberg


U.S. President Donald Trump has signed the bill on new sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Censor.NET reports citing Bloomberg.

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President Donald Trump has signed the Russia sanctions bill Congress forced on him, and is adding a statement saying the administration will carry out the law but with reservations about its impact and the constitutionality of some provisions.

The so-called signing statement, obtained by Bloomberg, lays out Trump's concerns about the legislation, including that it encroaches on presidential authority and may hurt U.S. ability to work with allies.

Trump's statement doesn't signal any intent to bypass or circumvent aspects of the law. Instead, the president indicates he intends for his administration to carry out the law in a way consistent with his constitutional authority, language that leaves open some room for interpretation of how the law is executed.

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Trump's concerns cover four areas: encroachment on executive authority, unintentional harm to U.S. companies and business, as well as U.S. international partners, and limits on the flexibility of the administration to act in concert with allies in dealing with Russia.

Last week, the U.S. Senate passed the new sanctions bill against Russia overwhelmingly and sent it to Trump for signature. Russia in response restricted U.S. diplomatic missions' access to several facilities and demanded to shorten the staff of the mission by 755 people by Sept. 1.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n450155