Prisoner Siarhei Vostrykau executed in Belarus

Another execution has taken place in Belarus: that of Homel resident Siarhei Vostrykau convicted for murder of two women, rape and kidnapping.

The death sentence against 34-year-old Vostrykau could have been carried out between April 13 and 29, since his last letter had been dated April 13 and the regional court received a report on enforcement of the death sentence on April 29, Censor.NET reports citing Belsat.

On April 5, Vostrykau's mother was allowed to meet her son in the pretrial detention facility #1. It was their last meeting.

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Human rights activists suggest that another convicted to death Kirill Kazachek had also been executed. A resident of Mozyr was found guilty of the murder of two of his own children.

There is also a resident of Narovli Aliaksei Mikhalenia waiting on the death row. He still has the opportunity to appeal the verdict in the Supreme Court.

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Meanwhile the European Union reaffirmed its strong opposition to capital punishment in all circumstances.

''The continued application of the death penalty goes counter to Belarus' stated willingness to engage with the international community, including the European Union, on the matter and to consider the introduction of a moratorium on the use of the death penalty,'' the statement by the EU spokesperson reads.

The European Union urges Belarus, the only country in Europe still applying capital punishment, to commute the remaining death sentences and to introduce without delay a moratorium on the death penalty as a first step towards its abolition.
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