New US administration will be harder on Russian aggression, - Senator McCain

The new U.S. administration will be acting harder than its predecessor against aggressive activities by Russia globally.

Censor.NET reports citing Republican Senator John McCain's interview with Voice of America.

McCain said this concerns both Russia's interference with European affairs and Ukraine, and its cooperation with Taliban or Syrian regime.

"I believe that in the last eight years there was absence of American leadership. Former President Obama called it 'lead it from behind.' And whenever a vacuum is created, bad things happen," McCain said.

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"Now I see a national security team around the president that is willing to do things which would impose cost on further Russian aggression or adventurism that is probably a better word. And there has to be a cost for the activities which are harmful to democracy and freedom and the interests of the United States of America. And I think that the cream has risen to the top, and I am very happy to know that at least so far the president of the United States listens very carefully to them, and their advice," the politician said.
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