Suprun on healthcare reform: "Public insurance is the best system for a developing country"

Public health insurance model will be gradually introduced in Ukraine.

Acting Health Minister Ulana Suprun said in an interview with LIGA.net, Censor.NET reports.

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"This is a WHO's advice: public insurance is the best system for a developing country. The U.K. adopted it back in 1948 and is still using it," she said.

"We are already accustomed to paying taxes that go to the budget and further to healthcare through subventions. It's easier to take the same subvention and spend it on public insurance, and then directly finance specific medical services," the official added.

"Our plan encompasses three years. 2017 - the primary healthcare, changing the patient-doctor relationship. Patients will be able to choose their doctor not at the place of registration but at their own will. They will sign a declaration: this is my doctor and this is my patient. A doctor will receive certain remuneration from the state for each patient, and a patient will understand what services they will receive at this level," she explained.

"The secondary healthcare will be changing in 2018: medical specialists and hospitals. Financing will be provided. A patient comes to their family doctor with a problem, the doctor decides to send the patient to a specialist, the specialist provides services and receives funds directly from insurance. If a patient gets hospitalized, then the hospital will receive the money. And in 2019, the highly specialized medical care will be reformed," Suprun said.
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