"Russia will do its utmost to push the EU off the cliff," - Poroshenko at EPP Congress

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes the following 10 years will be crucial for the European Union.

Poroshenko said Wednesday delivering a speech at the European People's Party Congress in Malta, Censor.NET reports citing the presidential press office.

"Four days ago on the occasion of the 60 th anniversary of the founding Treaty, the EU leaders agreed on the ambitious 10-year Agenda for the Union. Great goals for the better common future! These 10 years will be absolutely crucial. For European Union and also for my country.

"Europe's adversaries won't rest. The anti-EU forces are still on the move. Russia will do its utmost to push the EU off the cliff. The Kremlin never gave up on attempts to build an "alternative" Europe. For that to happen they will spread uncertainty and distrust in our societies," the president said.

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In this regard, Poroshenko expressed confidence that the time had come for a resolute leadership with an inclusive and efficient plan stipulating more united and resolute Europe in defending its common values; no compromises on Russian aggression, including sanctions policy; more open and inclusive EU taking more bold and supportive steps towards its Europe-oriented partners and allies.

"My strong belief: there can be no secure and prosperous future of Europe without peace and stability in Ukraine. Let's unite our efforts in bringing Donbas and Crimea back to Ukraine and Russian aggressor out of Ukraine. What we need is a political will to deliver on that," Poroshenko stressed.

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