Russian ‘court’ issues arrest warrant for Ukraine’s former PM Yatseniuk over alleged 'atrocities committed in Chechnya’

The Russian court accused former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk of committing a number of crimes in Chechnya.

Yatseniuk wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"The Kremlin is ready to use all methods in its aggression against Ukraine. Overwhelming hatred and absurd are the backbone of Putin's regime. In recent years, the Kremlin has been trying to discredit those Ukrainian politicians whom it hates to death.

"I received information that the Kremlin had sunk even lower. The Embassy of Ukraine in Russia received a copy of the ruling of the Yessentuki city court of the Stavropol Territory.

"The major case investigator of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation of the North-Caucasian District Naimanov requested the court to issue the arrest warrant for me on charges of involvement in an armed group (gang) or in attacks committed by it, plotting a or attempting to commit a crime, intentional homicide under aggravating circumstances," he stressed.

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"This is definitely a total and complete nonsense, but also a thought-through scenario. The Kremlin seeks for legal mechanisms for persecution of Ukrainian politicians.

"This scenario is aimed at bringing the case of "atrocities committed by Yatseniuk in Chechnya" to the next level to have a wider leverage in future.

"The Russian dictatorial power has obviously triggered a new spike in hybrid warfare against the backdrop of all the latest high-profile incidents including cynical murders and crackdown on the opposition.

"Russia's travesty of justice is definitely impressive, but it also shows the agony of Putin's criminal regime. They are scared. They are looking for every possibility to confront us. But they are undoubtedly doomed," Yatseniuk summed up.

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