PGO searches house of Judge Ihor Petryk as part of graft case, - source

This morning, a judge's defense lawyer was detained while accepting a bribe.

Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) and Security Service agents are conducting a search at the house of Ihor Petryk, a judge of the Kyiv Appeal Administrative Court, suspected of taking a $5,000 bribe, Censor.NET reports citing an informed source.

According to the source, a defense lawyer of the judge was nabbed this morning accepting money.

To find out whether the apprehension of the lawyer is connected with the search of the judge's place, Censor.NET addressed the PGO for a comment.

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Olha Varchenko, a PGO's representative, confirmed the fact of lawyer's apprehension and the search, but gave no comment on how these two events are connected.

According to Varchenko, the lawyer was detained as part of a fraud probe upon receiving 100,000 hryvnia ($3,686) from a commercial company.

Censor.NET managed to reach Judge Petryk on phone, but he refused to give any comments on the matter.

In early December 2016, Judge Ihor Petryk was reported to be suspected of taking a $5,000 bribe. On Dec. 3, the Pechersk district court of Kyiv ordered a preventive measure for him in the form of night-time house arrest.
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