Dnipro City Mayor Filatov: We live in unique time when everything depends on each of us. We need to stop complaining, just work

Decentralization has significantly increased the budget of Dnipro City.

Dnipro City Mayor Borys Filatov said delivering his speech at a meeting of the Regional Development Council in Kyiv on Monday, March 21, Censor.NET reports.

"Initiated decentralization made it possible for territorial communities to have a real opportunity for implementation of qualitative changes. All the progress in Dnipro City in 2016-2017 was made not due to, but in spite of the efforts of local politicians. A unique situation has developed in our city as the country's leadership and the government showed support for our endeavors, but local politicians and deputies, unfortunately, stonewalled all possible processes," Filatov said.

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He said that the budget decentralization provided Dnipro City with additional 638 million hryvnia in 2015 and 867 million in 2016, while 1.39 billion hryvnia was expected in 2017.

"The people are tired of the war, economic crisis, impoverishment, especially the people of the older generation. They feel alienated from the authorities. We have introduced a project of charge-free municipal centers in the city. … This year alone, 6,000 pensioners visited municipal centers free of charge. We provide the elderly persons not just with primary medical examination. We give them food free of charge, entertain them, and screen films. We hold political briefings for them. We deliver them lectures on the history of Ukraine. Trust me, it's a small price for the result we get," Filatov dwelled on the social projects in Dnipro City.

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"We live in a unique time. This is a time of opportunity, when everything depends on each of us. I want to tell you one thing: you need to quit complaining, stop whining and seeing treason everywhere, but just work," Filatov concluded.
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