Prosecutor General Lutsenko: “If people in charge of Kniazhychi operation face prison terms, why Sadovyi thinks four rescuers’ death means nothing?”

Those responsible for the death of rescuers at fire on Hrybovychi landfill near Lviv will be determined by the investigation.

As reported by Censor.NET citing 112 Ukraine TV channel, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko told journalists on the sidelines of the Regional Development Council session held in Kyiv today.

"I am very pleased by the legal culture spread among the mayors. But I am amazed by perseverance displayed by Mr. Sadovyi in playing a victim. Those four deceased firefighters are actually the victims, but not Mr. Sadovyi. If people in charge of operation in Kniazhychi that took five lives face prison terms, why does the mayor think that his four casualties mean nothing? For me, as a person and the prosecutor general, four deceased people mean heavy responsibility. The investigators shall determine who will be held accountable," Lutsenko said.

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Earlier, a large-scale fire broke out on Hrybovytske dump site in the vicinity of Lviv on May 30, 2016. A waste pile slid and swamped three firefighters and presumably one member of a utility provider after the fire was eliminated and the firefighters were gathering the equipment and examining the site. The body of the third victim in the waste pile slide on the landfill located on the outskirts of Lviv was found late at night on May 31, 2016. A mourning for the victims of fire at the dump site was declared in Lviv June 1, 2016.

Five police officers were shot dead in a fire exchange between members of different police squads in the village of Kniazhychi Dec. 4, 2016. Two of them were State Guard Service officers, two were police investigators, and one was a KORD special purpose unit serviceman.

Interior Ministry Adviser Anton Herashchenko wrote it was an accidental skirmish caused by a mistake that led to the deaths of five officers.

The tragedy in the village of Kniazhychi occurred during a special operation on apprehension of a dangerous group of criminals who committed robberies in the city of Kyiv and the Kyiv region. The three violators were later apprehended by police.

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Acting National Police Head Vadym Troian claimed the criminal gang acted under the cover of law enforcers.
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