Europe’s first hemp therapy center to start operating in Ukraine’s Hlukhiv, Mayor Terestchenko says

The grand opening of the first hemp therapy center is planned to be held in three months when the new harvest of hemp is gathered from the fields around the city of Hlukhiv.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was said by Hlukhiv Mayor Michel Terestchenko on Facebook.

"For a city mayor, the most important question is the good health of the city's inhabitants. And in this field, unfortunately the most difficult problem to solve is oncology and treatment against cancer. At each weekly reception of the citizen, the mayor has to answer dire calls for help and the best he could do is to ask the social services of the city to give 5,000 hryvnia (around $180) when the needs are much more important and when only one sceance of chemo-therapy (chemo session - Ed.) costs by far more for the person to be cured. So, even if we were able to multiply by five the social material help given for oncology healing to our Hlukhiv citizens in 2016 (in comparison with 2015), this help stays by far insufficient.

"But in Hlukhiv we have hemp! It is our tradition and we even have the most famous Institute for Hemp that was able to select varieties of hemp without THC (that means non-narcotic varieties), but not without CBD (cannabinoids that could be used to help fighting numerous illnesses: cancer, sclerosis, Parkinson, Alzheimer,...) 20 years ago.

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"So discussing with investors we were able to get their interest to create in Hlukhiv the FIRST EUROPEAN CENTER FOR KONOPLIO-THERAPY. It should open in three months, on time for the new harvest of hemp (we have hemp fields around Hlukhiv). And it will both help curing the ill patients, but also help the persons in good health to stay in good health. It will look more like a beauty center than like an hospital, and people would be able not only to get cured but also to relax or to get in good shape.

"It should be not such a bad idea as people that heard about our project have started to call me even from Poland... so let's get ready to welcome them in Hlukhiv for a good cure!

"If you are a doctor, a scientist, an investor, or just a curious person willing to explore this new possibility for a soft para-medicine, just get in touch with me through a private message on Facebook and we would get you involved in our project," Terestchenko wrote on Facebook.

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