Human rights situation rapidly deteriorating in Crimea, - Amnesty International

Human rights activists of Amnesty International published a report on the third anniversary of Russia's illegal annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea.

Amnesty International claims that three years after the peninsula's unlawful annexation by Russia in March 2014, the human rights situation in Crimea is worsening fast, Censor.NET is citing the report.

''It is exacerbated by the absence of any effective international monitoring mechanism with access to the peninsula, which has emboldened the Russian and the de facto authorities in Crimea to persevere in their relentless campaign against all vestiges of dissent,'' the statement reads.

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The report lists cases of criminal prosecution of members and leaders of the Crimean Tatar activists. Additional charges have been brought against activists already accused, on spurious grounds, of membership of the Islamist organization "Hizb ut-Tahrir" which is on the official Russian register of terrorist organizations.

''Lawyers defending those accused on extremism and other charges in Crimea have also come under attack. Lawyers Emil Kurbedinov and Nikolay Polozov have come under increasing pressure from the de facto authorities to desist from defending their clients in Crimea,'' the report reads.

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Human rights activists stress that ensuring effective international human rights monitoring in Crimea, including agreeing on the practicalities for a relevant mechanism's unobstructed access to Crimea, should be a priority for the international community.
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