All fake veterans' organizations have HQs in downtown Kyiv, pay no rent, - participants of Rada subcommittee meeting say

Ukraine spends huge amounts of funds on fake veteran organizations and their activities across the country.

As reported by the parliamentary correspondent for Censor.NET, this was discussed at a meeting of the Subcommittee on Interaction with Civil Society of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Corruption Prevention and Counteraction.

Foundation Open Ukraine Head Viktoria Hubska said: "We were surprised to find out that all of them are based in downtown Kyiv - at Khreshchatyk, Kostiolna, Pushkinska Streets. These organizations have even got no rental contracts and do not pay rent. Moreover, these clearly anti-Ukrainian organizations are funded at the expense of the taxpayers."

According to her, these organizations receive millions of hryvnia under the social partnership program.

Kyiv authorities allocate 3.5 million hryvnia for their needs while local officials do not check them and even do not examine their statutes.

According to the activist, these people represent the fifth column in Kyiv.

Hubska quoted Kyiv City Council Member, head of the local social services office Yurii Krykunov as saying: "I am aware that they are agents of the aggressor state, but I cannot but allocate funds to them."

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The majority of the meeting participants supported the proposal of Mykola Liakhovych, the head of the department of patriotic education of the Ministry of Youth, to write the law on veterans over from scratch. Liakhovych cited the existing law on veterans, which turned out to be copied from the relevant Soviet-era one.

"This law says that the list includes members of the punitive forces that fought (against the Ukrainian Insurgent Army - Ed.) in Western Ukraine until 1954. That is, the people who were involved in crimes against humanity, people who expatriated the Crimean Tatar people, slaughtered Greeks and others were equaled with the veterans."

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The member of the Security Service of Ukraine heading the National Security Department who was present at the meeting said that the special services' actions were restricted by the current legislation and requested the lawmakers to regulate these issues.
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