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 Ukrainian nationalist parties and organizations pledge to build Ukrainian nation state. PHOTOS

Svoboda, Right Sector, National Corps and several other nationalist parties and organizations have made a commitment to build a national Ukrainian state and signed a National Manifesto.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the National Corps.

"We, the Ukrainian nationalists, realizing the dire situation in our country and aiming at the establishment and development of a great nation state capable of ensuring well-being of Ukrainians and the future of Ukrainian children, unite our efforts based on the fundamental, undeniable and unbreakable principles and goals we all share. We offer a clear Priority Action Plan to achieve this goal," reads the Manifesto signed by the nationalist parties and organizations on Thursday.

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The document was also endorsed by OUN (Organization of Ukrainians Nationalists) headed by Bohdan Chervak, the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists chaired by Stepan Bratsiun, and S14 organization lead by Serhii Mazur.

The National Manifesto reads that its signatories advocate creation of the Baltic-Black Sea Union; severance of diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation; return of nuclear power status to Ukraine; introduction of the right to possess weapons; introduction of efficient proceedings to impeach the president; and the creation of a single local church governed from Kyiv.

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The signatories also advocate the return of the right to restore Ukraine's nuclear potential as a way to protect national security in connection with the violation of the Budapest Memorandum; create a high-tech professional army and reserve army manned on a territorial basis; codify the right to possess firearms and use them for self-defense.

The nationalists also propose clearing the Ukrainian information space off the enemy propaganda and provide Ukrainian language the status of a single state language. They also propose to actually cleanse the ranks of the power; enhance accountability for corruption; introduce efficient proceedings to impeach the president; pass a law allowing to recall the deputies of all levels, judges, and officials; introduce elective judiciary.

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