US Senate Committee to hold Russia public hearings, - Reuters

The head of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Burr said he plans to hold public hearings on possible relations between Russia and President Donald Trump's election campaign.

Censor.NET reports citing Reuters.

"It will happen," Republican Senator Richard Burr told reporters after a closed committee meeting. Asked if he knew when, he said, "I don't yet, but soon."

The House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, which, like the Senate panel, is conducting its own investigation of the possible Russia ties, will hold its first public hearing on Monday.

Congressional Democrats have called for a special prosecutor or non-partisan select committee to investigate the matter. But Trump's fellow Republicans, who control majorities in both the Senate and House, say the various probes by congressional committees are sufficient.

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U.S. intelligence agencies said in January that Russia had conducted cyber attacks on Democrats in an effort to influence the 2016 U.S. election on Trump's behalf. Russia has denied this.

Burr also said he did not now plan to follow the lead of other congressional committees that have requested any warrant applications or court documents related to Trump's assertion that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower.

Trump gave no evidence to support his charge, which former Obama administration officials have denied.

When asked to explain why he had not asked for such evidence, Burr said he felt it was unnecessary.

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