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 SBU detains 43 armed persons in counter-subversion operation in Donbas

Members of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained 43 armed individuals in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area.

Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"The SBU officers discovered a group of persons with firearms and other weapons during a counter-subversion operation carried out in the villages of Toretsk, Shcherbynivka, and Kurdiumivka (situated in the anti-terrorist operation area). 43 people were detained after they refused to surrender their weapons to the police," a spokesperson for the Anti-Terrorist Center (ATC) Headquarters told the news agency.

The ATC representative added that the law enforcement officers seized "a significant number of firearms and Molotov cocktails" from the detainees.

The police previously declared possession of licensed weapons in the ATO area illegal.

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The SBU earlier announced launch of a counter-subversion operation in the ATO area. "We storm no one. The counter-subversion operation is underway," spokeswoman for the SBU Olena Hitlianska commented on the reports by the "headquarters of the civil action to block trade with the invaders" about the alleged assault on its blockade checkpoint at Kryvyi Torets railroad station.

"The headquarters of the blockade of trade with the occupiers" reported on Monday that the blockade checkpoint at Kryvyi Torets railroad station in Shcherbynivka village in the Toretsk district of the Donetsk region was taken by the SBU and National Police KORD operatives.

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Batkivshchyna faction MP Ihor Lutsenko later reported citing activists that 30 people were detained as the blockade checkpoint of the "trade blockade" at Kryvyi Torets railroad station was bashed.
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