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 Law enforcers storm checkpoint blocking trade with occupied Donbas, detain activists

One of the blockade checkpoints to prevent trade with the so-called “DPR”/“LPR” established by the activists at Kryvyi Torets railroad station was bashed by the law enforcers. The activists are preparing to fight off new attacks.

Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Volodymyr Parasiuk who supports the blockade told Censor.NET.

"They had completely jammed cell phones in this area before they launched the storm. They employed armored personnel carriers and automatic weapons against the blockade checkpoint. The majority of the activists are now in Torets police precinct. Some of them are wounded. It's hard to provide more details as there is no contact with the activists and no one knows where they are. We are leaving there on high alert. But there is a problem since the access to the ATO (anti-terrorist operation) zone is being obstructed at the checkpoints. I think it will take time," he said.

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According to Parasiuk, the blockade participants are preparing to defend other blockade checkpoints since they were informed about new assaults.

"It was a well-planned operation. Other blockade checkpoints receive reinforcements to build up their defense. They say that [blockade checkpoints] in Bakhmut and near Lysychansk are going to be stormed at night or tomorrow," the lawmaker said adding that he still got no response from the representatives of the security service.

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The MP said that his colleague Semen Semenchenko was near the crushed-out blockade checkpoint but also experienced communication issues.

MP Semenchenko also previously reported about crackdown on the "16th Battalion's blockade checkpoint." This information was confirmed by the blockade headquarters as well.
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