Mineral reserves worth 11 trillion dollars concentrated in Ukraine, - Ministry of Natural Resources

98 kinds of minerals are mined in 3,500 deposits in Ukraine.

This was announced by deputy minister of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine Dmytro Hurskyi, Censor.NET reports citing Pavlo Sebastianovych's Facebook.

"Mineral reserves worth $11 trillion are concentrated in Ukraine. It's hard to imagine such a rich country as ours," Hurskyi said.

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According to Ukrainian experts, the cost of mineral resources is estimated at $7.5 trillion. But foreign specialists, in particular the state geological services of Canada, U.S., Australia, and the South African Republic, estimate Ukraine's reserves at $11.5 trillion, Hurskyi added.

Ukraine mines 98 kinds of minerals in 3,500 deposits. Almost 9,000 deposits are recorded in total. In particular, there are 385 explored deposits of fuel and energy raw materials.

"Today, we have 1.3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserves prepared for operation. We have 4.7 trillion cubic meters in proven gas fields, and about 3 trillion cubic meters of gas are being investigated," the expert said.

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Ukraine also has 68 billion tons of coal of different grades. The country ranks number five internationally for its uranium reserves.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n431541