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 22 Ukrainian military killed in action in February

22 Ukrainian soldiers died in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area in February 2017.

Censor.NET reports referring to an article by civic volunteer Yan Osoka.

In his article, the activist included a short story about each perished soldier. Below is the list of their names and call signs:

1. Leonid V. Derhach (call sign Akademik), born in 1979.
2. Roman V. Bubliienko (call sign Bublik), born in 1993.
3. Roman R. Klimov (call sign Shtyk), born in 1989.

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4. Nataliia A. Horuzha, born in 1972.
5. Yurii A. Reva (call sign Kozak), born in 1961.
6. Maris A. Kaminskyi, born in 1990.
7. Anatolii S. Zaremskyi, born in 1977.
8. Roman V. Horkun (call sign Smailik), born in 1994.
9. Anatolii A. Farisei, born in 1974.
10. Yurii Shcherbyna, born in 1974.
11. Taras V. Pronchuk (call sign Kanibal), born in 1997.

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12. Oleksandr S. Korniiko (call sign Chornyi), born in 1994.
13. Andrii V. Sirchenko (call sign Prymus), born in 1973.
14. Andrii Y. Merkulov (call sign Dius), born in 1979.
15. Maksym I. Hrynchyshyn (call sign Prometei), born in 1979.
16. Yurii P. Deliukin, born in 1994.
17. Mykola V. Hutsalenko (call sign Koka), born in 1991.
18. Mykhailo K. Dobrolieta (Panimaskin), call sign Dobryi, born in 1992.
19. Roman D. Napriahlo (call sign Rio), born in 1997.
20. Artur Y. Abramitov, born in 1992.

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21. Serhii V. Mokrenko (call sign Kruk), born in 1993.
22. Hennadii A. Reshetniak, born in 1964.
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