Stockholm teens say Russian journalists attempted to bribe them for "action" on camera

Teens in Rinkeby area of Stockholm told Danish radio they were offered money by a Russian TV crew in exchange for 'action' on camera.

Censor.NET reports citing TheLocal.se.

Danish radio station Radio24syv spoke to the Rinkeby youngsters after the suburb hit global headlines over a violent riot a day after US president Donald Trump made controversial comments on crime in Sweden.

"They came up to us and said they wanted to see some action. They wanted to bribe us 400 kronor each," a Rinkeby resident referred only to as 'Mohammed' told the radio station.

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He said he did not know which TV station they represented, but that they had introduced themselves as Russian journalists and spoke what sounded like Russian to each other. The teenagers said they met them on February 22nd, two days after the riot.

"While we were talking to them, the police came over to us. We did not want to do any of that. But when the police came the Russian journalists said that we were the ones who had said that we would show them some action for 400 kronor each," said the boy.
Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n431000