Radical Party leader Liashko says US interferes with Ukraine’s domestic affairs

The United States is interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

Как сообщает Цензор.НЕТ, об этом заявил народный депутат, глава Радикальной партии Олег Ляшко на .

This was stated by MP, Radical Party leader Oleh Liashko on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"The U.S. Embassy insists on creation of the anticorruption court in Ukraine. The U.S. Embassy offers its candidate for the NABU auditor. This is a foray into Ukraine's internal affairs! Not a single sovereign self-respecting state will ever allow anything like that to any foreign embassy or government. When Ukrainian government agrees for such interference, it humiliates Ukrainians," he wrote.

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"I demand little from our American partners and allies: fulfill your obligations under the Budapest memorandum, conclude a direct military treaty with Ukraine, and give us defensive weapons to repulse the Russian aggression," Liashko wrote.

Several weeks earlier, Liashko party member, MP Andrii Artemenko allegedly attempted to pass his "peace plan" on Ukraine to U.S. official, then national security adviser to President Trump, Michael Flynn via Trump's partners and lawyers. Artemenko was subsequently banished from the party's parliamentary faction.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n430974