"These are battle-equipped fighters who paid me a visit," - Marushevska showed armed men allegedly intending to search her apartment. VIDEO

Former Head of the Odesa customs Yulia Marushevska posted video demonstrating SBU operatives who allegedly tried to carry out a search in her apartment.

As reported by Censor.NET, the former official wrote on Facebook.

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Marushevska is convinced that the SBU commandos captured on camera tried to raid her apartment:

She wrote: "Such battle-equipped men came to my place, spotted cameras and fled along with the investigators of the Prosecutor General's Office. The prosecutors failed to provide grounds for the search but said they had never meant to carry it out. They were obviously telling lies since they brought Alfa Spetsnaz, two witnesses to the search, and the warrant allowing them to search my apartment at any time up to and including March 7. Thy just politely and mindlessly fulfill someone's order.

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"If it was an attempt to intimidate us and tell other activists to stay away from government jobs, the effect was quite the opposite. Today I feel the support of people from all over the world more than ever. And my feelings are far from fear or embarrassment. I am determined to continue the fight against people finishing my country off. It seems that Yanukovych's history has taught them nothing. Therefore, I want to tell the president, prime minister, SBU chairman, and prosecutor general - you're next!

"If total dedication of activists on the Maidan and at the forefront was unable to change these people's mind, they are doomed. And the task of the Ukrainian society is to make sure that they surrender power without too much bloodshed," Marushevska said.

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