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 Hroisman, Danyliuk use Nasirov case to appoint loyal acting head of SFS, - journalist

The State Fiscal Service (SFS) is now run by Prodan. A well-known Vinnytsia expert on nuts exports has been finally appointed as country's chief taxman.

Censor.NET chief editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

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"Prodan has been offered for the post of acting head of the State Fiscal Service by Finance Minister Oleksandr Danyliuk. Apparently, Danyliuk and Prodan are linked to the prime minister and follow his will.

"Danyluk nominated Prodan, knowing full well he was a subject in three criminal cases that were dismissed after Hroisman became prime minister. The Cabinet supported the nomination. This way, Danyliuk handed over the entire SFS and particularly the customs under the full control of the prime minister. Earlier, another Hroisman's man, Ihor Tkachuk, was appointed to lead the port of Odesa, Ukraine's major sea gate. It is well seen who took full responsibility. Hroisman and Danyliuk use the situation to take over the control and appoint loyal people to run the fiscal service. That said, I think the Cabinet will really discharge Nasirov and try to appoint Prodan instead," Butusov wrote.

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Earlier, NABU and SAP agents arrived at Feofania hospital to serve an indictment for criminal offence against Ukraine's chief taxman Roman Nasirov. The doctors barred the investigators and prosecutor from entering the ward saying Nasirov had allegedly suffered a heart attack.

Nasirov is accused of taking unreasonable decisions on restructuring rental fees for the extraction of minerals, which helped Ukraine's fugitive MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko implement corruption schemes he is being charged with.

Onyshchenko said in turn: "The investigation will not prove anything: my relationship with Nasirov involved no money."

Later, it bacame known the prosecution was preparing a request for choosing a preventive measure against Nasirov. Meanwhile, the lawyers said Nasirov's state had deteriorated, and he was being operated.
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