Semi-autonomous drones, robotic vehicles, “smart” digital tablets: cutting-edge equipment of Marine Corps’ experimental force. VIDEOS

The Marine Corps’ infantry battalion, designated as the service’s experimental force, is gearing up for a final evaluation before it deploys to Japan.

Censor.NET reports referring to USNI News.

At last year's WEST 2016 conference, it was announced that a highly-decorated, ground combat unit nicknamed "Darkhorse" would serve as the Marine Corps' experimental unit to test various new technologies, gear and concepts to help modernize the force.


The battalion was provided with high-tech equipment and semi-autonomous systems including small drones, robotic vehicles, off-road vehicles, "smart" digital tablets, wearable batteries and energy-generating gear.

U.S. media point out that the Marines have recently started practical tests of the miniature surveillance drone Instant Eye.


One more novelty - MUTT (Multi Utility Tactical Transport) - a remote-controlled robot able to move across marshes and sand, carry weapons and loads.

RV-M (Modular Robotic Vehicle), another robotic "family" member, can be equipped with a machine gun or Javelin anti-tank missile system.

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