Hostage release to be key topic during next Minsk talks, - Iryna Herashchenko

The meetings of the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) and its four sub-groups are scheduled for Dec. 7 in Minsk.

Verkhovna Rada First Vice Speaker Iryna Herashchenko said it on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Together with Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin we have met with representative of Ukraine in the TCG Leonid Kuchma, discussed the outcome of the Normandy Four ministerial meeting [held on Nov. 29 - ed.] and preparation for the meetings of the contact group and the four sub-groups scheduled for Dec. 7 in Minsk. It's important for the Ukrainian side that the key topics of the ministerial meeting be security and humanitarian aspect. We believe the release of hostages before the Christmas holidays should become a key task for the Minsk groups," she wrote.

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According to Herashchenko, Kuchma reiterated that at the initiative of the Ukrainian side the hostage issue will be considered by the TCG on Dec. 7 as a priority.

"The liberation process must be unlocked. Foreign ministers of Germany and France unequivocally stressed it yesterday," she added.

"The Ukrainian side will also raise the issue of demilitarization of Debaltseve - the topic was important at the ministerial meeting. And, of course, there is no explanation for blocking the Zolote check point. During the last meeting, militants promised to open it on Dec. 10. Yesterday, their Moscow curators were unable to provide any reasonable explanation for why the check point was blocked. This issue was the focus of attention of the German and French ministers along with other humanitarian issues, including denying the ICRC access to prisons both in the occupied territory and the Russian Federation," Herashchenko summed up.

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