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 "They support Putin": map of pro-Russian parties in Europe. PHOTO

Many European political parties are pro-Russian: some advocate strengthening of economic cooperation with Russia, others simply admire Putin.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Inopressa, this was stated by journalist Valerie Dekimpe in the article for Slate.fr.

"The overwhelming victory of François Fillon in the first round of the primaries between the right-wing and centrist candidates is the good news for Moscow and Vladimir Putin who maintains relations with the former [French] prime minister. Henceforth, François Fillon is a candidate from the Republicans party in the forthcoming presidential race. Thus, the two main candidates maintain relations with the Kremlin to varying degree as Marine Le Pen is also close to the Russian leader," the article reads.

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"We have compiled a map of the Russophile political parties in Europe against the backdrop of such an increase in number of politicians supportive of Putin. Not all political forces support Putin to the same extent or for the same reasons. For the most part, it is the extreme right-wing parties. They see the Russian leader as a strong personality who embodies the national sovereignty in the face of liberalism. Some of them are not unequivocally pro-Russian, but merely opposed to the world order led by Washington and Brussels. Others, such as Greece and Italy, hold financial interests in cooperation with Russia," the journalist wrote.

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