Khan-Jami Mosque imam Abdulhaniiev detained in occupied Crimea, - human rights activists. VIDEOS

абдулганиев имам

On Nov. 24, "Crimea's Interior Minister" detained Khan-Jami Mosque imam Elmar Abdulhaniiev.

"Judging from the published video, neither reasons for detention were named nor a detention warrant was shown. The police took the Abdulhaniiev to the 'Yevpatoriia city court.' Those who accompanied him were banned from attending the court hearing," the human rights activists reported.

"Judge" Ruslan Izmailov Mavlich found Abdulhaniiev guilty of possessing and distributing extremist literature.

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абдулганиев имам

According to Abdulhaniiev, he was given 30 minutes to find a lawyer, which was not enough.

The released video footage shows Ametkhan Almezhitov who says the "court" introduced him as a witness against Abdulhaniiev. Almezhitov allegedly said that the imam distributed extremist literature. However, Almezhitov told the "court" he had not said that. According to Almezhitov, the "judge" denied his familiarizing with the testimony in order to identify his signature. Almezhitov said in the video he saw the books only in the hands of an FSB agent.

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As previously reported by Crimean Human Rights Group, unknown persons, who introduced themselves as FSB officers but did not give their names, searched Khan-Jami Mosque and allegedly found "banned literature" hidden under the carpet. The search was conducted in the dark. The eyewitnesses say the literature could easily be stealthily planted during the search.

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