"Without pomp, angels and kalyna; simple and straightforward," - Ivano-Frankivsk unveils new Heavenly Hundred monument. PHOTOS

A memorial sign dedicated to the Heavenly Hundred has been unveiled in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Censor.NET reports referring to Teksty.org.ua.

The memorial is placed on the wall of the building where the local regional council and administration seat.

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The modest monuments represents silhouettes of people with a mirror stripe in its upper part where visitors can see their reflection.

The lower part is made of stone with quotes by eyewitnesses of the revolution events of the 2013-14 engraved on it.

The idea and design of the monument belong to Yuliia and Volodymyr Semkiv.

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"Finally we have a normal Heavenly Hundred monument - without pomp, angels and kalyna [guelder-rose, Ukraine's national symbol - ed.], simple and straightforward," the publication reads.

"When encountering modern monuments in Western countries, so interesting in terms of their form and idea, we think of when we will be allowed creating something interesting [here]. And now we have [such monument] in slightly progressive but mostly conservative Ivano-Frankivsk," photographer Maksym Balandiukh commented on the monument on Facebook.

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