"They have to free my son. He screams there every night," - families of Ukrainian POWs met in Kyiv. PHOTOS

On Nov. 21, the families of Ukrainian prisoners of war held a regular meeting with OSCE representative Toni Frisch.

As reported by Censor.NET, the wives and mothers of Ukrainian POWs held a news briefing prior to the meeting, where they expressed their views and suggestions on the exchange of prisoners. The event was initiated by Nataliia Herasymenko, wife of 40th battalion fighter Mykola Herasymenko, who is held in a colony in the Donetsk region.

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Our correspondent had an opportunity to speak with some of them.

Citizen of Kharkiv Oleksii Kyrychenko, a fighter of legendary Major General Ihor Hordiichuk's group, was captured in August 2014 near Savur Mohyla. Of all those captured there, he is the only one who is still not freed, his brother Yurii said.

плен кириченко
плен кириченко

плен колодий

плен колодий

According to Halyna, the mother of the last captive defender of the Donetsk airport Taras Kolodii, her son was among those Ukrainian fighters seized after militants took the building. During three weeks, the family didn't know his whereabouts, but Taras made contact soon. In June 2016, he was transferred to Yenakiieve penal colony.

"The guys told me he screams there every night and needs psychological assistance. They have to free my son," Halyna said.

плен колодий

Roman Onyshchuk, a soldier of the 24th Brigade, was captured while on a mission in the Luhansk region on June 15, 2015. It has been a year since he last spoke to the family. After that, his whereabouts have remained unknown.
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