Russian military Odyntsov and Baranov detained at Crimean border arrested for 2 months

Court imposed a two-month pretrial confinement against Ukrainian ex-servicemen Oleksandr Baranov and Maksym Odyntsov who deserted to Russian army and were recently detained at the border with occupied Crimea.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Hromadske Radіo, First Deputy Military Prosecutor of the Southern region of Ukraine Petro Vizniuk said that such a restraint was imposed on them by the investigating judge of the Tsentralnyi district court of Mykolaiv.

The court also determined the size of bail for Odyntsov and Baranov.

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"The investigating judge of the Tsentralnyi district court of Mykolaiv granted the petition of the Mykolaiv Garrison Military Prosecutor's Office investigator to impose a two-month pretrial confinement with the right to post 350 000 hryvnia (about $13,000) in bail against junior sergeant Oleksandr Baranov and granted the petition regarding warrant officer Maksym Odyntsov's pre-trial detention with the right to post 250,000 hryvnia (about $9,300) in bail," Vizniuk said.

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According to the SBU, Oleksandr Baranov and Maksym Odyntsov served in the Naval Forces of Ukraine before the occupation of Crimea. They breached the oath after the annexation of the peninsula and joined the army of the Russian Federation. The prosecutor's office suspects Odyntsov and Baranov of desertion.
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