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 Explosions heard in disengagement areas in Zolote and Petrivske, - OSCE

OSCE reports on the situation in the disengagement areas.

During the day of Nov. 19, positioned near an "LPR" checkpoint at the southern edge of the Zolote-Pervomaisk disengagement area, the SMM heard three undetermined explosions 10 km south-west (assessed as outside the disengagement area), Censor.NET reports citing the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) report.

"Positioned north of the disengagement area, the SMM heard one undetermined explosion 500-800m south-east of its position and four undetermined explosions 500m north-east (assessed as outside the disengagement area)," the report reads.

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The SMM added that in the Petrivske (41 km south of Donetsk) disengagement area, an armed "DPR" member did not guarantee safety and security of the SMM and the Russian Federation Armed Forces officer of the JCCC did not assist in ensuring security for the SMM.

On Nov. 19, on position in Petrivske, the SMM heard one undetermined explosion 3-5 km west (the SMM was not able to determine whether it occurred inside the disengagement area) and two undetermined explosions 2-3 km south (assessed as outside the disengagement area).

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