Chances to liberate Ukrainian political prisoners from Russia pretty poor, - Feygin

None of the political prisoners who are held hostage by the Kremlin are planned to be swapped or released in the near future.

Lawyer Mark Feygin dwelled on chances to release Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko detained by Russian security services in Moscow on allegations of espionage, Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

"No political prisoner is now planned to be swapped or released. The chance to liberate them is slim. It worked for Savchenko once, when Yerofeyev and Aleksandrov's detention was covered by the media which made them hyped so strongly that it would be inconvenient for the Kremlin to refuse to exchange them. There is a chance to do the same in this particular case," Feygin said.

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The lawyer also told about the Ukrainian journalist's health, who felt well and was in a good mood.

"He (Sushchenko -. Ed.) is in a good health. It raises no concern. He is in a quite positive mood and is willing to exercise patience and keep waiting. He's got no problem with that," Feygin said.

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