12-year-old Mykolka Nyzhnykovskyi, gravely injured in Donbas fighting, becomes legend in Canada, returns home

12-year-old Mykolka Nyzhnykovskyi tripped a mine and lost both legs and his right hand. Zaporizhia volunteer Olena Kunieva takes care of a child. She builds a house for Mykolka with the help of good people.

The Ukrainian boy has become known throughout the world for his courage and fortitude. Last year, in December, Mykolka and his mother went to the Canadian clinic "Shriners" in Montreal, Censor.NET reports citing Facty.

Canadian doctors performed series of operations: closed the hole in the frontal bone with a titanium plate, removed a scar that runs across the forehead, removed keloidal scars on the child's cheek and chin.

He underwent several operations, took a course of intensive rehabilitation, and learned to walk and even run on artificial limbs. Mykolka got its own fan club, bringing together Internet users from different countries. Journalists visit Canadian clinic and write articles about Mykolka. They often compare Mykolka to Nick Vujicic.

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"Mykolka spends his days training in the gym and swimming in the pool. He starts his morning playing football, tennis, and basketball (son adapted to catch the ball with a stump)," Alla Nyzhnykovska, Mykolka's mother, says.

Recently, Mykola was visited by the U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Brian Kolfage, who lost both legs and his right hand in a 2004 mortar attack in Iraq. The meeting was very touching. Mykolka and Brian rode together in wheelchairs and joked.

"The child's strength of spirit is amazing. I was learning to walk on prosthetic for three months, and it took only tree days for Mykolka," Brian said.

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"Mykolka began to grow rapidly (because he is a teenager), and leg bones are also growing. Since Mykolka has prostheses, bones crumble... As soon as Mykolka returns to Ukraine I will plead for the General military hospital surgeons to operate him," mother said.

Mykolka's godmother and NGO "Unity and Justice" volunteer Olena Kunieva is building a house for her godson in Zaporizhia. His visa ends on Nov.22, and this day Mykolka and his mother are to return to Ukraine.

''I really want to finish the construction of the house before their arrival. They need somewhere to live," the volunteer said.

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You can help Mykolka Nyzhnykovskyi: PrivatBank account 4149 4978 4423 8610, Nyzhnykovska Alla.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n415709