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 US intelligence chief says Russia ceased cyberattacks after US warnings

The Russian Federation stopped its election-related cyber activity after the U.S. administration publicly accused Moscow of interfering in the campaign.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, this was said by the United States' top intelligence official James Clapper.

Clapper told a congressional committee on Nov. 17 that Russia was likely to continue information warfare, despite the U.S. warnings.

Weeks before the Nov. 8 election that was won by Republican Donald Trump, the U.S. intelligence community said publicly that senior Russia officials likely authorized the hack of e-mails of the Democratic National Committee.

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Those e-mails were later leaked, embarrassing party leaders.

Russia denied the hack.

Clapper, who is director of national intelligence, said the formal accusation and later threat of retaliation appeared to shut down the activity.

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"It may have had the desired effect, since after the issue of the statement and the communication took place between our government and the Russian government, it seemed to curtail the cyber activity that the Russians previously were engaged in," he said.
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