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 Obama urges Trump to "stand up to Russia" when it deviates from international norms

The incumbent U.S. President Barack Obama believes his successor Donald Trump should oppose Russia if it neglects international norms.

He said it during a press conference after today's meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, Censor.NET reports referring to The Associated Press.

As noted, President Barack Obama said he hoped President-elect Donald Trump will "stand up to Russia" when it deviates from U.S. values and international norms.

On issues such as the Ukraine and Syria, he argued, the U.S. has very significant differences with Russia. It's important to find areas of cooperation with Russia when values align, Obama remarked, hoping the new president will be firm with Russia when they don't.

Obama claims he doesn't expect Trump to follow the Obama's administration blueprint or approach, but also hopes he won't simply walk away from the administration's efforts.

The president stressed Trump's commitment to NATO was important.

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