MoD denies capture of its agent in occupied Crimea, blames Russia for another lie

Ukraine's Defense Ministry spokesperson on anti-terrorist operation (ATO) matters Andrii Lysenko denies the apprehension of another "Ukrainian saboteur" in occupied Crimea.

He said in a commentary to UNIAN, Censor.NET reports.

"Russia's security services have taken the path of innovation: now they spread lies not only on Mondays but also on Wednesdays. Once again they claim the capture of an alleged Ukrainian saboteur. In truth, no Ukrainian serviceman has been apprehended in temporarily occupied territories," Lysenko said.

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"All our soldiers are in their positions, and Russia's propaganda again wants to make Ukraine the one to blame, show the world community our supposedly aggressive intentions," he observed.

"We understand there are thousands of retired military personnel in occupied Crimea who used to serve in the times of the Soviet Union and independent Ukraine, and it comes as the opportunity to call some of them Ukrainian saboteurs. Therefore, we will not be surprised if the Russian security services announce the seizure of new "Ukrainian saboteurs" on Fridays and other days of the week. The truth is that it does not happen, the Ukrainian military are in their positions," the spokesman stressed.

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