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 "US will hardly become Russia’s friend all of a sudden,” - Ukrainian MP Yemets on Trump’s victory

Interests of the Americans, of the U.S. as a whole, are completely opposite to the ideas followed by Putin and Russia and ways of their implementation.

People's Front faction MP, a member of Ukrainian delegation to PACE, deputy co-chair of the Group for Inter-Parliamentary Relations with the United States America Leonid Yemets told Censor.NET.

"Commenting on the election results this morning, the ambassador made it clear that the U.S. maintains its policy regarding Ukraine. The United States supported and will support Ukraine, democracy in our country, the fight against corruption... Nothing will change here. The U.S. stance on Russia's aggression and the Crimea issue also remains unchanged since these decisions have already been made and no one is going to reconsider them," the lawmaker said.

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"How can anyone comment on the democratic process anyway? This is the choice made by the American people. We will see whether it was right or wrong. The new U.S. president will definitely face difficulties since there is opposition even inside his own party while he will be also strongly opposed by Mrs. Clinton.

"But we should think highly of the American people and follow their example due to the fact that Mrs. Clinton congratulated the presidential race winner immediately after the results were published and they showed that they were going to serve the interests of the American people together.

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"I'm convinced that the interests of the American people, the U.S. as a whole, are completely opposite to the ideas followed by Putin and Russia and ways of their implementation. Therefore, nothing will change here. America will not back away from its interests while its leaders will never back away from the national interests," Leonid Yemets said.

"Therefore, it is not worth worrying that the U.S. will suddenly become a friend of Putin and Russia. They see things differently and have opposite interests. And we actually share the interests with the U.S. which include the rule of law, equal opportunities regardless of your country size and how many weapons you have, and, of course, the need to jointly protect ourselves against those aggressors trying to reshape the world order," the MP said.

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