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 Saakashvili promises to sweep clean parliament, administration, and Cabinet, says heads to Kyiv

Former chairman of the Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili, who has recently tendered his resignation, announces his intention to pay a visit to Kyiv.

As reported by Censor.NET citing 112 Ukraine, he said when delivering a speech in Odesa.

"I'm leaving for Kyiv, I know that Trukhanov (Mayor of Odesa - Ed.) arranged celebrations. I see his henchman Holubiev spending his money on giving away kebabs on the streets. I want to tell Holubiev that these kebabs will turn out a proper mess for him. I am going to Kyiv not just to liberate Ukraine. I am going to release Odesa and sweep the hell away all the mobsters from Odesa, don't even question this.

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"The gangsters of Odesa who throw you a sop, they prosper only because they bribe the members of the prosecutor's office, the SBU in Kyiv, the Presidential Administration, they are members of the parliament themselves. We will sweep clean either this parliament, and this administration, and the Cabinet. We will also establish order in Odesa and it will become what it must be - the most stunning city in Ukraine and Europe," Saakashvili said.

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On Monday, Nov. 7, Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili announced his resignation amidst complaints that he was tired of constant deception and corruption, including on the part of Ukrainian senior officials.
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