“LPR” militants capture Ukrainian judge heading to his father's funeral

The militants abducted Judge of the Appeal Court of the Luhansk region Vitalii Rudenko three weeks ago when he was heading to his father's funeral in Krasnodon in the territory uncontrolled by the Ukrainian government.

Chairman of Patriot volunteer group involved in negotiations on exchange of prisoners Oleh Kotenko told Hromadske Radio, Censor.NET reports.

According to Kotenko, the Ukrainian authorities did not formally report that the judge was abducted as they expected him to be quickly swapped.

"The judge's friend in the "LPR" promised to protect him and provide possibility to come to Krasnodon and bury his father," Kotenko said.

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He also said that once the judge entered the checkpoint, where he was stopped and his ID was checked, the militants reported the so-called "MGB" (Ministry for State Security - Ed.) about him and the judge was apprehended.

"The people involved in his detention said no charges were filed against him and he would be likely released on Monday. But it later turned out that he could only be released as a result of a swap," the negotiator said.

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According to him, five days ago the judge was charged with cutting water supply to the "LPR"-controlled territory after he allegedly ruled to arrest a Vodokanal (water utility - Ed.) director.

"He is now in jail. He was not subjected to torture," Kotenko said.
Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n413991