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 Vast number of weapons and ammunition found in underground bunker near Kyiv. PHOTOS+VIDEO (updated)

The members of Kyiv Prosecutor's Office in conjunction with Cyber-crime and Criminal Investigation Departments of the National Police of Ukraine discovered an underground storage facility with an enormous number of weapons and ammunition in Kyiv’s uptown.

The press service of the Kyiv Prosecutor's Office told Censor.NET that the armory was organized in an underground bunker in the territory of a villa community in Boryspil district of the Kyiv region.

The law enforcement officers carried out a search with participation of EOD experts and canine unit which revealed 60 items resembling missiles for Grad multiple rocket launchers; two items resembling guns mounted on infantry fighting vehicles; four items resembling ammunition for MANPADS (man portable air defense system); 200 munitions resembling anti-personnel mines; an SPG (tripod-mounted man-portable antitank gun), an RPG (antitank rocket launcher) and armor-piercing projectiles.

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An armored personnel carrier was also found in the disguised storage.

The seized items will be sent for examination upon completion of the search.


The law enforcers are establishing the weapons supply chain as part of the pre-trial investigation initiated under article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal possession of weapons, ammunition, or explosives).

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