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 Experts confirm policewoman bullied by thugs in Dnipro City was not under influence, - National Police. DOCUMENT in Ukrainian

The expert examination showed that the female patrol police officer captured on video and bullied by unknown persons in Dnipro City was not in a state of intoxication. She is currently treated in one of the city hospitals being in moderately grave condition.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the press service of the Dnipro City Patrol Police Directorate.

"Dnipro City Patrol Police Directorate expresses its official position regarding the video spread on the Internet. It shows a female patrol police officer in a helpless condition being bullied by off-screen men filming this shameful footage. The appropriate examination and tests were made in the relevant health facility in order to eliminate all kinds of speculation about the girl's condition. The alcohol, narcotic, and drug abuse tests showed negative results," the agency stressed and posted the corresponding certificate.

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днепр патрульная издевательства

"Tetiana is being treated in a health facility. The doctors say her condition is moderately grave. She is being examined since the doctors have not diagnosed a case so far. The physicians are going to hold the case conference tomorrow to decide upon medical procedures. The law enforcers also search for the witnesses of this incident. The girl's insulters will be held accountable and forced to publicly offer apology to her," the Dnipro City Patrol Police Directorate emphasized.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p413588